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What is the right way to learn REVIT Online?

REVIT Training Online: What is the right way to learn?

Did you know that the construction industry over the last three years has rapidly moved towards adopting BIM technology? And Autodesk Revit happens to be used by more than 60% of the offices which have migrated to BIM or are in the process of migrating to BIM. I’ve personally been through the journey of REVIT training over the years and would like to help the readers understand the best ways of learning Revit online.

Most of the professionals or students who are just out of the college find it difficult to find reliable Revit training classes nearby. Because of this problem, they start looking for quick-fix solutions through Revit training videos on youtube or other social media platforms. The problem with these solutions is that they are either a ripoff from a full-fledged Revit training Course or a non-standard industrial practice of implementing Revit.

In some cases, students manage to get a voluminous Revit training manual which although would have a lot of good training content but it never gets opened or read through because of the inconvenience associated with it. 

And some people run behind free Revit training courses which are usually a bait to lure gullible students/ professionals into undergoing a course which would just set the wrong fundamentals or end up spending a lot of money on the advanced courses offered by these institutes. The easiest way to avoid all these expensive mistakes is to find out the industry leaders in BIM implementation and follow them on their social media handles. Look at the Revit Online Courses they have pursued and recommend to new users. I have also got a Revit training course which I have prepared and hosted online for you guys to use. The basics and the advanced will be charged based on the tier of study and advancement you want to pursue with the software.

There are a couple of reasons why I’m recommending this solution:

  1. Its completely online
  2. It comes along with demo exercises so you know you are following and implementing the instructions correctly
  3. It comes with real-world knowledge from industry experts.
  4. It comes with an understanding of how Autodesk recommends Revit training to be conducted.
  5. You’ll be guided for online Revit certification once you have completed the course.

Isn’t it great that you get to complete the Revit training at your convenience and also get to apply for the certification which can further help with your career advancement?

As this course will help you with real-life examples it becomes very easy to apply your training to any organization that you join and be able to succeed with the implementation of this software.

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